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Welcome to Eco Supply

We're here to help bring out the grower in everyone. We help you find the best and simplest methods to grow your own food on whatever scale you desire. We've curated the latest and most innovative hydroponic and vertical farming systems on the market and put it in one place for you. Additionally, we offer supply kits, nutrition solutions, seeds, meters, other tools, consulting and speaking services. We are your one-stop shop for easy and seamless hydroponic supplies and solutions.


Are you a teacher looking for new and innovative ways to engage your students in the classroom? Are you an education administrator looking to take your agricultural or STEM program to the next level? Are you a healthcare worker or administrator who wants to find a way to help those in your community live a healthier life? Are you a family, restaurant or business worried about the growing price and instability of our current food supply?


We help you with that.

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Home Grown Vegetables

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Winneconne, WI 54986

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