Our Story

Born from the educational and agricultural sectors, our ownership represents the best of both worlds. Our entire team at Eco Supply is on a mission to help create a healthier, sustainable, more eco-friendly world. Our focus is simple - People | Planet | Passion.


To spark real change in the world, it always starts with people and the relationships we build with them. We are a people first company and are fortunate enough to play a large roll in feeding people. We all have different experiences we bring to making Eco Supply the top distribution group of the easiest and most reliable growing systems globally.


Realizing the different threats to our food supply is just the beginning of the concerns we share regarding our planet. Using 98% less land, 97% less water, zero pesticides, and 40% less energy is just the beginning. These benefits mean little if we are unable to educate every individual on why it matters. Saving the planet requires our actions to match our words. This is not a political platform, but a practical application to modern day challenges brought about by modern day living. We strive to provide real and scalable solutions to the challenge of feeding people whilst showing respect for the Earth.


We are passionate about everything we do as individuals and as a team. It is the fuel that keeps us moving in our chosen direction. Passion for our people is the catalyst to bring the best to them and be the best for them. Passion for our planet serves us to find practical applications that can make a real impact. Passion for our business prompts us to be as innovative as we can be and make the best fiscal decisions we can. Passion for our values is the glue behind who we are.

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Our Team

Erik Salm.png

Erik Salm

Co-Founder and President

Bio coming soon.

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Heidi Salm


Bio coming soon.

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Everett Hendrixon

National Sales Director

After a brief career in the legal field, Everett has spent his career in specialty agriculture and is passionate proponent of the future of farming. He sees indoor farming as a piece to the puzzle of food safety and security on an increasingly chaotic planet. Growing is in his DNA and his dedication to empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to develop a healthier and happier life brings him to this place in time.


April Mayes

Sales Representative

April is passionate about local sustainable agriculture with vertical farming and hydroponics. She loves floral photography and paddle boarding in her free time.

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Brittany Jacobs

Sales Representative

Brittany has a passion for promoting and practicing sustainable living. She genuinely cares about connecting with like-minded individuals and leaders in sustainability who are proactively creating a positive impact in their community. She joined Eco Supply to support its mission of People, Planet, and Passion.


Parker Egan

Sales Representative

Bio coming soon.

We are diligently looking for the best people in the world to represent us. Please reach out to us to learn more about growing as an individual by growing with us.