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Flex Farm Generation 4

The Flex Farm is the first step on the journey into controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Who is this for? Teachers who want to help their students have a healthier future while giving them a unique hands-on STEM experience. Corporations or healthcare systems that want to offer the best to the people they engage with by giving them a foundation that helps them thrive. Individuals who are striving to achieve their healthiest and best self while reducing their impact on our planet.

No green thumbs required for the best comprehensive hydroponic system on the market. In order to get started all you need to do is plug the Flex Farm into a standard 120V electrical outlet. Spend less than 3 hours on it a month and watch your crop flourish. All this is done while using 97% less water and 98% less land than traditional agriculture. Contact us to start the exciting journey into CEA and vertical micro-farming using the best hydroponic system.

Flex Farm Image_edited_edited_edited.jpg
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