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Who We Serve

Our clients are the most powerful part of who we are. Without you, we don’t exist. Our team is standing by to help you be the best provider you can be for your family and community. We will bring you testimonials and firsthand accounts of successful growing in the coming weeks.

Culinary Captains

Eco Chefs and Restaurateurs are some of the hardest working forward thinking people on the planet. Your desire to bring the freshest food and flavors to the table or cocktail deserves our admiration and grateful consumption. You make the world a better place by showing us all how to enjoy it to the full. Click here to reach out and see how our team can help yours use the best hydroponic systems to elevate palate.


We have placed farms with curriculum all over the country in the K-12 market and are proud to see Eco Educators spearhead inspiration in our next generation of food production engineers. Whether you are STEM focused, in the agricultural department, in a medical incubator, or a language arts phenom – we have an option for you to inspire your students' advancement as valuable people whilst growing food. Click here to reach out to us for more information on how we can help your general hydroponic program excel.


Eco Administrators are some the finest people found in management today. Whether you’re a principle at a forward moving school, a HR director at a company focused on employee wellness, a healthcare management pro looking to add value, or a boss of a different stripe we love working with you. Your vision for your organization and its people inspires us to be and do better every time. Click here to reach out and see where our passions overlap.

Family Heads

Your team is your family, and there is no more valuable team on the planet than yours. We want to help you feed your team. Click here to reach out and find out how vertical hydroponic systems grow the most food at the lowest cost.


Design Professionals

Your designs and plans are the future of food production. Eco Designers are some of the most cutting-edge professionals around that care about their craft and the impact it has. You provide your clients with real solutions that are both elegant and practical. Click here to reach out and collaborate with us on how to use the best hydroponic systems we offer to increase your value to your clientele.

Health and Wellness

Those focused on nutrition find that the freshest food is the most nourishing to the human body. Eco Nutritionists have learned that zero food miles leads to the most nutritious food on the planet. We are proud to know some of the most invigorating health and wellness professionals around and they inspire us every day to maximize the benefits of fresh food. Click here to reach out and learn how, together, organic hydroponic nutrients can provide the very best in restorative food.

Future Farmers

We want to speak with you most of all. Reach out to make a connection with us.

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