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We want to make sure our clients get the best products and the best service available in the CEA space. To that end, we have hand picked technologies and related supplies that are the highest quality and return on investment we can find. Following our mission of People | Planet | Passion, what we offer here are made by some of the finest people (and companies) in the industry that have a passion for feeding people to the benefit of our planet. This, coupled with curated growing solutions, means we know that we will bring a lot of good food to a lot of good people.

Please explore and reach out to us to learn more about how we can help transform your space into the most efficient food production space possible.


Flex Farm – Novice to Expert

To learn more please click here for more information.





Harvest Wall – Intermediate to Expert

To learn more please click here for more information.

Farm Design – Expert

Our staff is ready and able to assist you in building out your own production level farm. Contact us today to receive a consultation at no charge to help us understand what your needs are. These exciting projects feed our passion to provide tons of food to tons of people while sustainably benefiting our Earth. One of the most noble endeavors is to provide real food. We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your food, health and sustainability goals.


Growing Kits and Supply Kits

Whether you want to grow conventionally, organically, on a wall, or in a tower… We have the Supply Kit for you! We offer complete growing kits starting at a three-month supply and going up to a year or more. Choose from a prepared kit with preselected seed, media, and nutrition or build your own. If you're a commercial grower, we offer all our products in bag, gallons, totes and truck loads.

Contact us today to order your supplies.



Conventional Nutrition – OASIS® Grower Solutions 16-4-17 Hydroponic Fertilizer

OASIS® Grower Solutions Hydroponic Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer specifically designed for hydroponic production of lettuce, herbs, greens and most vegetables. The balanced nutrient proportion promotes robust growth and eliminates blending errors. OASIS® Grower Solutions’ Hydroponic Fertilizer uses a promotes vigorous plant growth and greater yield through a chelated micronutrient package. Additionally, this proprietary blend of iron chelates helps keep iron available even as the pH increases while providing a significant level of soluble calcium and magnesium. Comes in 3lb bags, 25lb bags, palletized and trailer loads.


Organic Nutrition – Zero manures or animal by-products

NutraBlitz™ Nourish 8-0-10 formula with micronutrients is a highly concentrated, OMRI listed, organic water-soluble plant food. This formula includes 6 key micronutrients; magnesium, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, manganese and is ideal for use in hydroponic systems as well as drip irrigation and as a foliar spray. NutraBlitz™ Nourish 8-0-10 can be used during all growing stages of the plant and in all grow media. Comes in ½ gal, 5 gal (2x2.5), 275 gal tote or tanker load.

NutraBlitz™ Foundation liquid 2-9-3 formula with calcium is an OMRI listed, organic liquid plant food. This formula is beneficial to all plants, especially, leafy greens, herbs, fruit, vegetables, hemp, cannabis and flowers in all types of grow media. This product can be applied in hydroponic, drip or irrigation systems. For a full nutrition program, combine with NutraBlitz™ Nourish 8-0-10 water soluble organic formula with micronutrients. Comes in 2 lb bags, 25 lb bags, 2,200 lbs totes or trailer load.


Supplemental Nutrition

OASIS® Grower Solutions Fortify is a liquid Nutrient Supplement formulated with a blend of amino acids to optimize the growth performance of hydroponically produced leafy greens, herbs, and micro greens. Crops produced under both natural and artificial lights using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), deep or shallow water culture, or aeroponic culture, can benefit from this technology. For best results, apply Fortify at the recommended dosage throughout the crop production cycle from seeding through harvest as a supplement to a complete nutrient solution. Comes in 1 liter, 5 gal (2x2.5), 15 gal, 55 gal


Growing Media

Horticubes® AeroMax technology is engineered specifically for the precision growing of young plants for hydroponic farming. Designed with a unique open matrix, allowing young plants to prosper in the maximum air-filled substrate. Plants will thrive year-round especially under low water requiring growing conditions. AeroMax technology allows maximum refreshment of nutrient solution in the rootzone by replacing most of the oxygen deprived nutrient solution with each watering cycle. AeroMax technology works well in both overhead and sub-irrigation situations and is designed to avoid overwatering of the young plants. Perfect substitute for rockwool applications.


Coco-core 3” cups

Description coming soon


We curate the best seed we can find for aeroponic, hydroponic, and vertigation. Contact us to learn more about what we can offer your program.






Meters and other Tools

There are a wide range of pH and nutrition measuring tools. We strive to provide the best in our Grow Kits. Contact us for more information on what would work best for your needs.


Consulting and Speaking

Let our passionate experts go to work for you. We provide a wide range of consulting services from on-site to virtual. We have solutions for every client profile and our fees start at $500. Growing food is our specialty as is growing hearts and minds. Our founders are motivated to explain the indoor growing market to any audience that is engaged with the future of food production and our seasoned speakers are ready to motivate your team to grow today. Contact us today to get started on growing a better crop harvest after harvest.

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